3 Things You Should Know Before Ordering A Jewelry Appraisal

If you don't know the current dollar value of your wedding ring, diamond brooch, or gold necklace, you're overdue for a jewelry appraisal. The inspections and formal estimates, when performed and officially recorded by qualified experts, can give you both critical information information and a better understanding of your estate's worth. Here are three things you should sort out before handing your jewels over for an appraisal. 1. The Purpose of Your Appraisal [Read More]

6 Totally Hot & Unexpected Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Forget solitaire or three stone diamond engagement rings. This year's trends are much more unique, and are designed to complement a wide variety of personalities and budgets. Here are 5 totally hot (and somewhat unexpected) diamond engagement ring trends. If you choose a style below, you can be confident that your ring will "wow!"  1. East-West Settings  This unique spin on how the diamond is set in the engagement ring is getting hotter by the minute. [Read More]