2 Excellent Reasons to Get Your Wife a Gold Plated Chain

Buying a gift for your wife can be a lot of fun for you because there are so many great gift options out there. However, it can also be stressful for you for this very same reason. If you would like to get your wife a nice gift, but aren't sure what you should get her, it is really hard to go wrong with jewelry. Specifically, getting her a gold plated chain is a great idea. [Read More]

Pawn Shop or Luxury Lender: Where's the Best Place to Secure a Loan?

If you're looking to borrow money without going through the bank, you might be thinking of putting your jewelry, firearms, or other valuables up for collateral to secure a loan from a lender. However, not all lenders are created equally, and where you choose to borrow and what you choose to use as collateral will make a big difference on how much money you can borrow and what the loan terms will be. [Read More]

Coin Collecting For Kids With Anxiety: The Benefits Of This Coping Tool

Did you know anxiety affects one in eight children? As a parent of a child who is trying to forge ahead with life while coping with an anxiety disorder, you know that providing coping tools is one way for them to focus past anxiety when it strikes. Crafts and exercise are common coping tools but have you considered a coin collection for your child as an additional tool? Coin collecting provides both therapeutic and educational benefits for your child. [Read More]

Uncovering Hidden Gems At Bargain Prices: 3 Tips On How To Get The Best Deals At Pawnshops

The 10,000 and counting various pawnshops nationwide are treasure troves filled with great deals and amazing bargains. You can find discounted – over 50% below retail price – power tools in great condition or beautiful and rare antique jewelry that may be worth a fortune. Although merchandise from pawnshops is already discounted, these 3 simple tips can help you save even more on hidden gems, and you'll easily get great deals. [Read More]