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Are You Celebrating Your Husband's Birthday?

Does your husband have a special birthday coming up soon, maybe his fortieth or fiftieth birthday? No matter how old your husband will be, if you are planning a special celebration, you are probably in for some fun. From preparing a special event to buying your husband a timepiece watch, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a celebration that your husband will only and remember for many years to come.

Start With The Gift

Have you been thinking of buying your husband a truly nice watch? Perhaps he has a watch that works just fine, but it isn't distinctive; or it might be that his present watch always has to be adjusted because it's a little bit slow or a little bit fast. That must be a total nuisance! Have you ever considered how so many men love watches? Your husband is more than likely in that group, too. If that's the case, a new watch will probably be a perfect gift. Think of purchasing one that has an alarm as part of the design. By doing so your husband can set the alarm for the time of day that he needs to do specific things. For example, if he has a meeting with a client at 3:00 in the afternoon, his new watch can alert him. If he is supposed to take medication at a certain time, the alarm on his watch can remind him or that as well. When you purchase the watch, it will more than likely come with directions on all the features it offers. 

Plan The Celebration

If you have decided to give your husband a beautiful new timepiece watch for his birthday, consider hosting a party with time as the theme. For example, when you plan the invitations, think of creating them yourself. You could include the face of a watch on the front of the invitation, along with words like It's TIME to celebrate!  Party activities could even be centered on the time theme. For example, you could ask each person to share a memorable time that he or she spent with your husband. Think of playing a guessing game that is based on timeFor example, a clue could be given, say one that says something like This was the time that British music invaded America. Of course, the answer would be when The Beatles, The Monkeys and other British groups brought their distinctive music to America.