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5 Tips To Choose Funeral Guest Jewelry

Funerals are challenging events for most people, whether it's for a loved one, a co-worker, or just an acquaintance. One of the biggest difficulties for guests is deciding what to wear. While you may know that black or other dark colors are traditions, what about your jewelry? Here are a few key things to know about funeral jewelry etiquette. 

1. It's Okay to Wear Jewelry

First of all, know that it's okay to wear some jewelry to a funeral. In fact, a little jewelry can lighten up dark clothing and make it more appealing without going overboard or violating unspoken funeral rules. The trick is to follow the etiquette when choosing which and how many pieces to wear. 

2. Don't Choose Loud Jewelry

While you can wear jewelry, it's best to avoid certain kinds. Make sure none of your jewelry makes loud noises when you move. Jingling necklaces or a loud, ticking watch could be very awkward for everyone during the quiet service. 

3. Use Jewelry Neutrals

Two of the most common jewelry items for funerals or memorials are pearls and small diamonds. It's easy to see why these are timeless choices. They're both modest and neutral in color, don't draw unnecessary attention, and look great with most funeral clothing. If you don't want to wear pearls or diamonds, gold and silver jewelry are both good choices for the same reasons. 

4. Avoid Flashy Looks

One of the biggest fashion faux pas to make at a funeral is to seem like you want to draw attention. Just don't. In jewelry terms, this means leaving flashy, large, or boldly colored jewelry at home. And don't wear many pieces, opting for perhaps two or three pieces in most cases. The more jewelry you arrive in, the more you may give off the wrong impression. 

5. Wear Sentimental Jewelry

The main exception to any jewelry rules is when sentiment is involved. If your grandmother loved your beautiful sapphire necklace, feel free to wear it in her honor. Did your spouse love football? Wear their favorite team's colors. And the tacky costume jewelry you bought with your late sibling? Wear it proudly, and share the story with others. However, don't wear bold sentimental pieces just to draw attention. 

Where to Start

Not sure what jewelry items to wear to an upcoming funeral? Start by visiting a jewelry store in your area. They'll use their experience to help you find just the right mix.