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Tips for Choosing Diamond Stud Earrings

From far away, all diamond stud earrings may look about the same. They're little, they sparkle, and they sit flat against the ear. Once you start shopping for diamond stud earrings, though, it will become clear that they are not all the same. So how do you go about choosing the right ones? Here are a few tips and guidelines.

1. Choose the size of the diamonds based on your budget.

The larger the diamond, the more it will cost. Rather than falling in love with a certain pair of earrings and then learning that you cannot afford them, you should instead set a budget, and then choose your earring size based on that budget. Don't be dismayed if you have to choose a smaller pair of diamonds. Once they are on your ears, they will still sparkle and call plenty of attention to themselves. Nobody will think that your earrings are small; they'll just be impressed by the sparkle and shine.

2. Consider the quality of the earring backs.

You may not think the earring backs are important since nobody really sees them. However, the backs are what keep the earrings on your ears. You need the backs to be of a high quality so they don't fall off and you don't lose the diamond earrings. Typically, flat earring backs with two tiny rings on each side are the most secure. You can squeeze the tiny rings to tighten the earring back.

3. Opt for a round cut.

Princess cut diamond stud earrings certainly look nice, as to other geometric shapes. However, the rougher edges on these cuts make the earrings more likely to get caught on something and be pulled out of your ears. Round diamond studs are less likely to get caught since the edges are smooth. The round cut also shows off a lot of the diamond's brilliance, which is good when you're choosing smaller diamonds.

4. Opt for larger prongs.

While there are some beautiful diamond earrings with tiny prongs holding the diamond in place, these may not be the best choice. Earrings with somewhat larger prongs may be a better choice since the prongs are less likely to fail or break. The metal prongs also add some detail to the otherwise very simple earrings.

Diamond stud earrings are a classic, versatile choice. Follow the tips above when choosing the perfect pair for yourself or for someone you love. You can also reach out to local jewelers to learn about diamond earrings for sale.