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Does Your Watch Need Repair?

If your watch stops working, it's wise to have professional watch repair done at a watch repair shop. These shops are often connected to jewelry stores or pawn shops or can be operated entirely independently. Watch repair specialists often work on vintage or foreign watches but can also work on any type of watch that's in need of fixing.

Does your watch need repair? Why should you have the repairs done professionally? What are the signs your watch is starting to wear out if it's still working? Use this guide to assist you and make sure you always have your watch repair needs met professionally to keep your watch in lasting condition.

Signs your watch needs repair

If your watch isn't working entirely or won't hold time for more than a few hours at a time, then it's in need of watch repair. Your watch may be battery- or gear-operated, but either way, watch repair needs should be met immediately to ensure your watch is going to last.

Here are other signs you need to go to the watch repair shop.

Your watch is slowing down

If your watch is relatively keeping time but is slower and slower by the end of the day every day and worsening, have watch repair done.

Your watch is cosmetically poor

Is the face of your watch cracked or scratched? Is your watch missing links? Are you missing glass on the face of your watch so the gears and hands are exposed? If your watch is in cosmetically poor condition, take it to the watch repair shop to have it spruced up.

Your watch is wearing out

If your watch is working well and looks OK but the numbers are starting to fade, the hands are loose and you worry they'll fall off, or you have other wear and tear concerns about your watch, take it in for watch repair.

Why have professional repairs done?

When your watch is starting to wear out or needs any type of work, it's best to have the care done professionally. The reason for this is simple: watches are fragile and complex, and home repairs can make the condition worse. Consider having regular watch maintenance done on your accessory so you can have repairs done less frequently, particularly if your watch is an heirloom piece or is vintage or antique. Your watch specialist will give you a quote for repairs before they begin work.

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