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Designing An Engagement Ring

If you are planning on proposing to your partner, then you want to give them the perfect engagement ring. If you have been looking around for the right ring then you may want to design your own. When you design a ring for your partner, you will be sure that it has all of the elements that you want to include. This is the best way for you to get one ring that has everything you want to be incorporated. Here are some benefits of designing the ring yourself, as well as other things you'll want to know: 

The stone

When you are designing an engagement ring, you will need to choose the center stone and the accent stones. A popular choice for center stones in engagement rings is a diamond. Diamonds are also popular accent stones. However, if your partner has another favorite stone, such as rubies or sapphires, then you may want those to be the accent stones. 

You'll need to decide on the cut as well. This is the shape and style of the stone. For example, a diamond with a princess cut is one that has a square shape to it and it is designed from the inverted pyramid of the rough stone. You also need to decide on the color, clarity, and weight of the stones. 

The setting

Another thing that you are going to need to decide is what setting you want. This is the area where that center stone will sit. You also need to come up with the design for the rest of the ring. You may want it to look like leaves are wrapping partially around the ring or you may prefer a simple band with a single diamond.

The metal

Another very important decision to make will be regarding the metal. You want to choose if you want the ring to be gold, white gold, platinum, or something else. There are a good number of metals to choose from. 

Ring size

Make sure you know your partner's ring size. If you don't, you can get a ring sizer and use a ring that you know fits them from their jewelry box and use that to determine their ring size. 


When you design the right ring to propose with, you can really surprise your partner, and once they say yes, then they will proudly wear the ring that will be even more special to them because it is a one-of-a-kind made just for them.

If you are looking to design your own custom engagement rings, contact a local jewelry company.