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Tips For Picking Out A Great Engagement Ring

It's finally time to pop the question. You are ready to head to the local jeweler and start looking at engagement rings for your hopefully soon to be future wife. Everything about a marriage proposal can be a bit nerve-wracking for a man, but when you find the perfect ring and she says yes, it will all be worth it in the end. If you want to make sure you find the right engagement ring for your soon to be fiancé, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Color, Cut, Clarity, Carats

Those four words above are commonly known within the jewelry industry as The Four Cs. The Four Cs are what determine just how valuable any diamond and engagement ring end up being. Some men make the mistake of thinking they just need to get as many carats as possible, but a large number of carats might not actually be that valuable if the color, cut, or clarity is not ideal. Yes, you might want to impress her with a truly massive rock, but make sure you are paying attention to the finer details as well. Ask a local jeweler to give you some examples of the differences in quality among The Four Cs before you start looking in earnest.

The Band and Setting Are Very Important Too

When it comes to creating the perfect engagement ring, it's not all about the diamond. A good engagement ring, in fact, starts with the band that will go around her finger. White gold and platinum are by far the most popular choices. You want a band that will complement the diamond but not distract from it. You might also want to pay attention to her hands in the weeks leading up to the proposal so you can try and nail the band size on the first go. See if you can borrow another one of her rings and take it with you to the jeweler so they can help you find the perfect band size right out of the gate.

The ring's setting is also critical. This is the part of the ring that actually holds the diamond in place. It should also nicely match and/or complement the diamond and band.

Ask Her What She Wants

So this tip is not a good idea if the proposal will be a true surprise. But many couples today discuss the idea of marriage long before the man actually pops the question. You could try and gently ask her what her dream ring would be if you would ever decide to propose. If that's way too forward or obvious for your taste, take another close look at her jewelry collection to see what she does or does not like.

Contact a local jeweler today for more information.