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Ways To Save At The Jewelry Store

Jewelry stores are often thought of as spaces where lots of money is spent. You might figure there is no way to emerge without having spent a good portion of your income or maybe even taking out a loan — but that's not the case. Jewelry exists for every budget, and as outlined below, there are some very good ways to save at the jewelry store.

Buy Pre-Worn Jewelry

Higher-end jewelry is made to be incredibly long-lasting. After all, materials like gold and diamonds are valuable largely because of their durability. As such, someone can wear a ring or a necklace for five or ten years, and it can still look exactly like it did when it was new. However, these pre-worn pieces sell for a lot less than brand new ones. If you want truly nice jewelry but need to save, ask your jeweler if they have any pre-worn pieces of sale. You may need to check in a few times before you find a piece that is exactly what you want, but your patience will pay off.

Buy a Set

Another way to save in the long-term is to buy a set. For example, if you know you want to buy your loved one earrings this year, and then a matching necklace next year, you can probably save by buying both pieces at once. The jewelry store often charges less for items purchased as a set. This does not mean you have to give both items to your recipient at once, of course. You can always hide one until next year.

Opt for Artificial Gems

Another way to save is to buy artificial gems rather than natural ones. Cubic zirconia is a lab-made gem that looks almost identical to a diamond; only jewelers can really tell the difference. There are other more colorful gems that are made in labs to mimic rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. A ring with one of these gems might cost hundreds, whereas one made with a real jewel costs thousands. So, the savings can be significant while the resulting look is almost the same.

Choose Less Intricate Settings

If you insist on a real gem, you can save by choosing a less-intricate setting. The less detail a setting has, the easier it is to make, so the less a jeweler will charge. Today, the minimalist look is popular, so the jewelry won't come off as being cheap — just on-trend.