Jewelry, the Perfect Gift for Your Wedding Party

Are You Buying A Special Piece Of Jewelry For Your Wife's Christmas Present?

Have you decided that this is the Christmas that you'll buy something extremely special for your wife? Maybe in the past you have both focused on spending your Christmas money on your children, leaving only enough to give each other a token gift. Do you already know that you'll be getting a very generous Christmas bonus at work because of excellent performance on your part? Or, maybe you have changed jobs and the change brought more money.

No matter the scenario that allows you to buy a special gift for your wife, maybe you've decided to give her the gift of diamonds. From your gift selection to arranging for jewelry appraisal services, here are some ideas that might help you.

Your Diamond Jewelry Selection

Think of the type of diamond jewelry your wife would like best. For example, when you got married, maybe all you could afford to buy your sweetheart was a gold wedding band or an engagement ring with a very tiny diamond in it. If that's the case, your wife might truly love a dinner ring with a larger diamond as part of its design. 

Maybe your wife would love to have something like a diamond tennis bracelet. That would be a gift that she might wear every single day, even with other bracelets. Would your wife prefer yellow gold or white gold for the setting? If you're not sure, check out what kind of jewelry she most often wears. For example, if your wife wears silver a lot, then white gold might be your best bet.

A diamond watch is another idea. A fine diamond timepiece might actually be a practical choice. Think of buying a diamond watch that has both white gold and yellow gold as part of the design. That way your wife can wear it with different types of metals.

Arrange For Jewelry Appraisal Services

If you spend a considerable sum of money on your wife's Christmas jewelry gift, you more than likely will want to have it insured, won't you? In that case, take it to a service that does jewelry appraisals. It's true that there will be a fee for the appraisal, but it will probably be a very reasonable amount. Plus, it might be some of the best money you have ever spent. Having your wife's jewelry appraised will be very helpful if the jewelry is lost or if it is stolen.

The individual who does the jewelry appraisal will have the training and the experience to give you an exact amount of what the jewelry is worth. Even if you know that already, and even if you have the sales slip, an appraisal will be very helpful when it comes to insuring it.

Be sure to keep all the appraisal documents in a safe place. And, also let your insurance agent know about your purchase.