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What Shoes Should You Wear To A Beach Wedding?

Few wedding locations are more romantic than a beach, especially at sunset. But if you've ever struggled with the decision of what to wear to an outdoor wedding, the decision of what to wear to a beach wedding can be even tougher. How can you walk the line between a casual and fun beachy outfit and something that constitutes suitable wedding attire? And are there any footwear options short of drug-store flip-flops that will keep you from stumbling across a sandy path? Read on for some creative, classy, and comfortable shoe options for your next beach wedding.

High-top Sneakers

Sneakers are rarely a top choice for weddings, but trendy high-top sneakers can be just the ticket to keep sand off your feet and remain comfortable while walking on uneven surfaces without going the sandal route. For women, matching these sneakers to your dress is made easy with the myriad custom color options from many classic sneaker manufacturers. And for men, high-top sneakers underneath beach pants can provide full coverage for your feet without sacrificing style.

Barefoot Sandals

Barefoot sandals are a chic option for those who don't want to spoil their beach experience with actual footwear. These sandals are more like foot jewelry and consist of a jeweled sandal top that hooks between your toes and around your ankles. This provides the best of both worlds, with an attractive and outfit-coordinating sandal topper on top and the pleasant sensation of bare feet on the sand below. (If you're planning to hit the reception, it's usually a good idea to pack a spare pair of shoes for dancing.) You can find this option from retailers like Barefoot Jewelry by Angel.

Wedge Espadrilles

Not all beach weddings are right on the sand, and if you're expecting a slightly firmer surface, it's fine to go with an option that has a slight to moderate heel. Wedge espadrilles can dress up every outfit while still keeping with the overall beach theme. And if you'd prefer to go with a maxi dress instead of something shorter, finishing off your outfit with these wedge sandals can boost your height enough to keep your dress from dragging in the sand.

Bejeweled Flip-Flops

Even if the wedding you're attending is a casual one, it doesn't mean your footwear needs to be. For those who prefer to stick with tried-and-true flip-flops, transitioning to a flip-flop with more glitter, sequins, rhinestones, or other accessories can jazz up your outfit without much extra effort or expense.