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Uncovering Hidden Gems At Bargain Prices: 3 Tips On How To Get The Best Deals At Pawnshops

The 10,000 and counting various pawnshops nationwide are treasure troves filled with great deals and amazing bargains. You can find discounted – over 50% below retail price – power tools in great condition or beautiful and rare antique jewelry that may be worth a fortune. Although merchandise from pawnshops is already discounted, these 3 simple tips can help you save even more on hidden gems, and you'll easily get great deals.

Haggle with a Passion

The prices of all merchandise in pawnshops are not set in stone, and pawnshop owners are more often happy to haggle the price with you. So don't settle for the price you see even if it seems reasonable because, chances are, you can get an even better deal if you just ask.

Do your research ahead of time to determine what a reasonable price is, so you know whether or not you are getting a deal. Establish a maximum amount that you are willing to pay and give an amount way below that as your first offer. You should expect the pawnshop owner to negotiate and haggle with you, so you probably won't get your first offer.

Learning the art of haggling can be difficult. You should definitely dress down if possible. Flashy jewelry and expensive clothes tell the pawnshop owners you can afford to pay the full price. If you wear plain clothes, it is more difficult for the pawnshop owners to determine where you stand financially. As a result, you may have a better chance at getting a reduced price.

Opt for Items that Have Been on the Floor Longer

Not all items on the floor are the same age. Pawnshops are generally more willing to haggle on items that have been sitting on the floor longer, as these items tend to be more difficult to sell. If you are stuck between two choices, go for the item that has been sitting on the floor longer because the pawnshops are more willing to get rid of the item for a lower price. The date the item was first showcased will be clearly written on the tag.

Generally speaking, if the item is several years old, the pawnshop owners are much more likely to haggle on the price and give you a better deal. It's also important to consider whether the item is popular or not and what the demand for that particular item is.

Look For and Decipher the 10-Letter Anagram

Most pawnshops have anagrams written on the tag that tell whoever is working the floor the amount of discount they can offer for each item. The 10-letter anagram works by having each letter used represents a certain number. For example, A might be 0 whereas B might be 1. The 10-letter anagram is generally a word with each letter representing a certain number. The price tag should have 4 letters on it. Each letter represents a number. The first two letters are the dollar amount, whereas the last two letters represent cents.

To decipher the 10-letter anagram, you'll have to take a look at the letters on each price tag and determine how it correlates with the actual price. The last two letters are generally the same, and represent either 0 or 9.


Take your time to haggle and to understand how pawnshops work to get the best bargains and deals possible. Bargain hunting at pawnshops may end up giving you incredible finds. There are many antiques, collectibles and valuable items stored away in pawnshops, so every trip you make can really be quite an adventure. You never know what you may end up finding or digging up.