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6 Totally Hot & Unexpected Diamond Engagement Ring Trends

Forget solitaire or three stone diamond engagement rings. This year's trends are much more unique, and are designed to complement a wide variety of personalities and budgets. Here are 5 totally hot (and somewhat unexpected) diamond engagement ring trends. If you choose a style below, you can be confident that your ring will "wow!" 

1. East-West Settings 

This unique spin on how the diamond is set in the engagement ring is getting hotter by the minute. East-west settings take elongated diamonds in marquise and oval shapes and sets them on their side instead of up and down. The result? A stunning and unique diamond engagement ring that you'll be able to treasure for a lifetime. East-west settings can be done with a variety of different styles of diamond, including oval, marquis, baguette, and emerald. 

2. Double Halo Settings 

The halo ring, where a band of diamonds surrounds the center stone, has long been a popular choice for brides. The latest trend in halo rings involves a new twist that adds an unprecedented amount of sparkle! Double halo settings have not one, but two bands of diamonds surrounding the center stone. This not only adds tons of light reflecting facets, it also makes your engagement ring appear even bigger than it is. 

3. Vintage Styles 

Today's brides are valuing vintage style diamond engagement rings more than ever before. Art deco, Edwardian, and even Victorian era style rings are making a comeback, and they offer even more sparkle and personality. Opt for a unique look with a square center stone, or go the traditional route with a round diamond and intricate detailing on the sides and band. Whether you opt for an honest-to-goodness antique engagement ring or choose a new ring that captures the unique and beautiful style of engagement rings of the past, you can be sure that everyone will "ooh" and "aaah" when they see your new bauble.  

4. Criss-Cross Bands

The center stone in your diamond engagement ring doesn't have to hog all the attention. A criss-cross band, where the band of the ring is twisted around itself, can provide you with an interesting visual display that truly adds something special to the overall look and style of your ring. Another version of the criss-cross band is the "split shank" band, where the band essentially splits off in to two separate bands at the diamond, and then join again at the bottom. 

5. Floral Designs 

Brides who love everything floral will truly enjoy this season's increase in floral-inspired engagement ring designs. Whether the center stone is enveloped in a set of platinum "petals" or the band of the ring resembles intertwined vines, a floral engagement ring can be the perfect, unique design you've been looking for. Floral engagement rings that are custom designed or include colored diamonds or other gemstones are truly one-of-a-kind. 

6. Mixed Metals 

No longer do you have to choose between platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. Today's super trendy engagement ring styles show brides that they aren't limited to just one metal. White and yellow gold are often the most popular combinations, but many other combinations of metals exist to create gorgeous engagement ring designs. 

Choosing the perfect engagement ring can seem like a daunting task, but by exploring the most up to date, trending rings, you can ensure that your ring is a true reflection of your personality and your commitment to your special someone. Don't be afraid to go outside the box a little and select a diamond engagement ring that is unlike anything else you've ever seen before! Keep these trends in mind when you visit a jeweler like P.K. Bennett Jewelers.